It's hard to believe but another school year has flown by. Mimi finished third grade! It feels like yesterday, when we were waking up at 6:30 am to get her ready and get to school on time to meet her teachers. And bam! Here we are, done with third grade. 

Mimi had another great year. She continues to love going to school, seeing her friends, reading, mastering multiplication and division, learning Japanese and taking art classes after school. But third grade was definitely more challenging academically, and by the last week or so of the final trimester, she was ready for summer break. 

She asked to stay home and take it easy today, the first day of Summer Break, which was fine with me. But in my continued efforts to keep her off of the iPad all day, I asked her to go through her binder and other papers, and toss what she doesn't need. I don't know if it's part of being a nine-year-old kid, or that she's taking after her pack rat dad, or, maybe a bit of both. But she hates to get rid of anything. 

Mimi documented a little more of her discarding process on Instagram. And made it her first official post to Instagram!